A tower defense with a 4X twist

Up until now, I guess it was not completely clear how 4X and Empire Management bind with the Tower Defense gameplay. Now let us go down to the specific ties that the two apparently separate components of the game share: Military and Economics.

It all comes down to the statistics of the province you will be using to start the attack (or to defend in case of Riot or in case the enemy is attacking you) and the statistic of the enemy target (or source) province.



Military modifiers:

To obtain the coefficient we subtract the target province Defense value from your province Attack value. Coeff = Attack-Defense.

  • Coeff <= -25 -15% Moral, -15% Tower health, -15% Time between waves, +10% Enemies speed
  • Coeff <= -10 -10% Moral, -10% Tower health, -10% Time between waves
  • Coeff < 0 -5% Moral, -5% Time between waves
  • Coeff = 0 Default values
  • Coeff > 0 +5% Moral, +5% Time between waves
  • Coeff > 10 +10% Moral, +10% Tower health, +10% Time between waves
  • Coeff > 25 +15% Moral, +15% Tower health, +15% Time between waves, -10% Enemies speed

These values quantify the advantage or disadvantage that you are going to face in the battle. A negative modifier will mean that enemies will be coming at you faster and harder, giving you less time to rest and to erect robust defenses. The opposite is true as well. We will get back to Attack and Defense as province stats in another entry, but in general their level depends on: Province assets, Player’s Tactics Skill level and Officers modifiers.

Economy modifiers:


In the same way, the attacking or defending player province is the one used to determine the economic modifiers.

  • For each 100 points of Gold production in the attacking province, +10% starting gold in the battle.
  • For each 50 points of production of a given resource (Wood, Stone, Iron) in the attacking province, +1/4 seconds in the battle map.
  • If the attacking province has infrastructures, sum up all the neighboring provinces that also have infrastructures to calculateĀ the above values.


So you see, not much math, not any additional interaction for the player, but all of a sudden what you do in the main map influences your battles, isn’t this something quite exciting for a TD game? I personally never saw it before, and as maps are quite tough to beat in EiR (tester’s feedback), I think these modifiers will make a hell of a difference, so make sure you take advantage of them!


Emiliano, H&R

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