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Empires in Ruins




Empires in Ruins is a turn-based, story-driven, 4X game with a combat system embodying a mix of Tower Defense and RTS mechanics .

Besides its detailed mechanics, Empires in Ruins has a dark satirical depth that goes beyond winning a few maps and reaching an end game. Taking place in the corrupt lands of Koth, where powers far greater than the individual reign, our unlikely hero, Sgt. Hans Heimer, will have to overcome adversity to prove that greatness lies not in power, but the spirit one carries.

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What you can expect from Empires in Ruins

More than 4.5 years of work into Empires in Ruins development have led to a robust game with a variety of novelties for its genre.

  • grim, disillusioned and black-humored plot. Follow a grumpy Sgt. Heimer in his personal, yet unwanted, war against everything and everyone.
  • Strategic/tactical map management. You don’t just conquer regions through TD missions, you have to tame them, fortify them, and improve them in a turn-based strategy map. The enemies you make will always be at the ready to snatch them back. 4X meets TD.
  • 21 enemies with unique special abilities. Forests leveled to make paths, sneaking amphibian enemies, tunnels dug under your best defenses, pyromaniacs setting your towers ablaze, and a lot more to keep you on your toes until your campaign ends.
  • 17 unique towers with special abilities and stats, 5 non tower buildings including Barracks and resources gatherers.
  • More than 60 technologies to research and unlock to improve your defenses (with the option to fully automate their development).
  • Hire and equip unique scoundrels  officers from all over the world; assign them to lead your defense posts and bolster their potential or to govern your provinces.
  • Play up to 26 maps with random unique events and items to interact with.
  • Choose among 3 levels of difficulty to claim improved rewards


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How much will it cost?

Empires in Ruins will follow a traditional model. We want to steer clear from the freemium paradigm because we believe that your progress should solely rest on your skill and dedication, not the money you spend. Once you purchase the game, you have access to as much content as you can unlock through playing.

An official price will be announced later in 2017. The game will be available on Steam and as DRM-free version. Moreover, the game already underwent successfully  through Steam Greenlight, and you can therefore follow us there as well!


Any other interesting stuff about Empires in Ruins?

A lot! Here’s a few:

  • We work with a folk-metal band, a Celtic traditional band, and a sound engineer for the original soundtrack of Empires in Ruins.
  • Our illustrators are breathing life to an entire world, through which you’ll have to lead your armies in – mostly – desperate times.
  • An early open-beta that will offer you the chance to introduce and familiarize yourself with Empires in Ruins, and make your voice heard over implemented or additional features.

You can find more about Empires in Ruins by contacting us directly!


Follow Sergeant Heimer’s adventure, be the one standing tall by his side,
and watch as empires crumble in ruins!



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