About us

If you can read this, you’re already in the Hammer & Ravens’ lair… ehm studio… we tend to forget with everyone of us scattered around the world…

We love what we do, even if it’s trying to kill us. We are driven by a vision to create games that do not compensate quality or mechanics over anything. We love to experiment on the genres we’re working on, always turning them on their heads, trying to squeeze as much uniqueness out of them as we can.



Emiliano Pastorelli, Italy – Co-founder, Project Manager, Lead Developer & Designer


George Bigiakis, Greece – Co-founder, 3D Generalist, Artistic Director


Konrad Langa, Latvia – Illustration & Concept Art


John Gkekis, Greece – 3D Rigging and Animation


Alexandros Iakovidis, Greece – 3D Modeling and Texturing



Marcus Ambichl, Germany – Programming and SFX Crafting


Alessio De Luca, Italy – 3D Static Assets

“We met on Estonian ground, in a backstage room we heard the sound, and we all knew what we had to do…” Cit. Manowar


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