Kothian Flagship – The Bombardier

It was a hectic year of assets production. Our George, with the collaboration of Alessio, worked around the clock to get all the battle maps buildings ready, and finally we did it! 17 Towers (each with under construction, built, damage and destroyed states) and 5 non-military buildings are now fully integrated in the combat maps. It feels amazing to have hit this milestone!


The ultimate weapon that your engineers will provide you with is the Bombardier tower. A hot air balloon chained to a stone tower that also serves as a hangar and ammunitions depot, the Bombardier’s basket is packed with archers and heavy duty bombs. As opposite toother towers, the Bombardier is movableand can be deployed manually in a given range from the tower.



The balloon has two attacks. They are independent from each other and both of them can be used while the balloon is moving.

  • Arrows – Medium-low damage, medium fire rate, can attack flying and ground enemies. Unlimited ammunitions.
  • Bombs – Very high damage, very low fire rate, can attack ground only. The player can set the minimum number of targets that need to be
    in area before a bomb is dropped (default 1).

The balloon has a limited reservoir of bombs, when finished it will fly back to the tower in order to refill them. Base number of bombs is 5 and can be upgraded up to 10 through research. When the Balloon is in the hangar he refills one bomb and 5 health points every 2 seconds. The balloon can be sent to the hangar for refill and repair manually, or can be set to automated. In that case, when the operation is finished, it will return to the last position occupied before.


Vulnerability and immunities:

  • The tower has a high resistance to fire (stone and metal built).
  • The ballon has as high vulnerability to fire.
  • Short ranged enemies can’t attack the balloon.
  • Close combat enemies can’t attack the balloon.
  • The balloon is immune to the Witch powers because of the height it flies at.


If the balloon is destroyed, a new one is spawned at the tower in a cooldown time of 10 seconds. If the tower is destroyed, the balloon starts flying without control until it leaves the map. It can still attack and bomb during his rogue run.



So, now off to polish a couple of bugs, then production continues with the lot of new units we have ready to integrate in the game and all the fully new terrains!


Emiliano, H&R

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