Scoundrels of Koth – Officers of Empires in Ruins

Officers are a very important component of Empires in Ruins. Needed to both lead your men in battle and to strenghten your grip on the conquered provinces, they are, unfortunately for you, a bunch of unreliable and corrupted scoundrels. But hey, that’s what you get, so you’d better make your best out of it if you wanna survive till the end titles of the game!

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Let us spend a few words on officers, how they work, what do they do, what kind of crimes are they capable of and so on.

Officers might be hired in the following ways :

  • They might present themselves sponteneously during a turn
  • They might be found in Taverns while visiting a province
  • The governor of an enemy province might offer his services after the province has been conquered

How to employ an officer :


  • As a governor for a conquered province
  • As a member of the battle board (max 3 members)


  • The maximum number of hired officers depends on the Leadership of the main character.

Officers portraits :

  • Each portrait is randomly generated at the officer creation, picking from a variety of elements (eyes, head shapes, noses, hair, etc) to make sure the variety of possible officers is as wide as possible.
  • Each officer also has a randomly generated name, motto and faction.

Officers stats :

  • Military : These statistics influence the overall battle modifiers if the officer is member of the Board. Damage, Range, FireRate and Morale. Each star provides a +1% modifier to be added to the totals.
  • Governor : These statistics influence the province an officer is set to govern. Military (Attack, Defense, Espionage), Social (Authority, Rebellious activity, Happiness) and Production (Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron).
  • Loyalty : This statistic is the most peculiar one and when an officer first appears, it is unknown. The player might discover its value when it first meets the officer with a succeful check on Empathy or ask for an investigation on the officer later through the spies. Loyalty is influenced by the player Leadership, by the faction the officer belongs to (and the relations of the player with that faction). If the value is unknown, gold losses due to corruption and some more negative effect of the Governor on the province will be hidden to the player.
    Loyalty is checked also every turn to determine the obedience of the officer to the imparted order, and the risk of him betraying the player.

Officers perks :


  • Officers can have a variety of randomly generate perks, with both positive and negative impact on their applications. Some will impact the Governors, some the members of the Board only.
  • The higher the rank of an officer, the higher chance to have one or more perks.
  • Example of perks vary from Pyromaniac (Bonus to fire arrow damages but higher chance of arson in the governed province) to Heathen (lowering the effect of enemy magic but also lowering the relations with the Church faction). There are currently 21 available perks but more might be added soon.

Actions on Officer :


  • Fire officer – You remove the officer from your ranks. There is a small chance, based on his loyalty and the main character leadership that the officer joins the enemy as governor of a province.
  • Hang officer – Make sure the officer doesn’t join the enemy upon being removed from the ranks, and temporary boost all other officers loyalty with a bit of fear. The officer has a chance to escape hanging based on his experience and the main character’s luck.
  • Bribe officer – Temporarily raise the loyalty of the subject with the most classic method ever: paying money.
  • Investigate officer – Try to find out about the real loyalty value of the officer. If he is governor of a province, use the province secret police, otherwise rely on a smaller chance. If successful, loyalty all the hidden corruption values will be revealed. In case of failure loyalty can drop further.


We hope you will enjoy having control over such a bunch of pleasant fellas!
Emiliano, H&R

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